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Multi Services Janitorial specializes in residential and commercial cleaning services in Toronto, Toronto office cleaning services. We also do janitorial services for properties and buildings. (dirty balcony, pigeon problem, no problem we do that too)

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We are a team of specialist in providing high quality services for residential and commercial business in the Toronto Metropolitan area at a very competitive rate.

We effectively provide an ongoing reliable results every time, as we take the responsibility of caring for your home/business. We guarantee our work and stand behind our promises. We guarantee our prices cheaper than other companies. We establish long lasting relationships with our customers through communication, fairness, reliability and quality work.

Multi Services provides customized cleaning services that are available weekly, every other week, monthly or one time. You choose what you would like us to do and we take care of the rest.
From my experience many companies don't care about the product or services they provide their customers, however Multi Services cares and we will always give you a good service satisfaction guaranteed for we want to be as valuable as our clients as they are to us.

We look forward to bringing our values and qualities to your establishments.  

Services We Offer The Services we specialize in are: 


a balcony just after being cleaned from pigeon droppings
girl cleaning the dust off of the balcony railings
Pigeon Balcony
Clean balcony
pigeon eggs

A balcony can be a place of refuge -- a quiet escape where you can enjoy the scenery and take in a breath of fresh air. Sadly, the balcony can also be a refuge for dust and bird droppings. Thus, just like the interior of your home, the balcony must be regularly cleaned. With a thorough cleaning, your balcony can once again be a source of solace rather than aggravation.

We specializes in cleaning residential condominium and apartment balconies so you can remain confident knowing that Multi Services will use the best method to tackle the situation without compromising your property or breaking your condominium strata bylaw.

It is common that apartment managers and condominium strata boards prohibit water or cleaning solutions from flowing over the edge of the balcony.

We have a technique that will keep the water spillage down to almost nothing

-washing interior/exterior windows of balcony doors

-washing balcony concrete surface or wood tiles-washing balcony railings

-washing all exterior windows associated with the balcony

-Washing balcony railing glass panels (inside)

-Washing interior windows

Pressure wash service now available

Pigeon Problems, No Problem



We'll clean all your windows on the balcony

Solving pigeon problems on balconies can be pretty difficult as this is so often a community based problem. When a few people feed the birds on the property or from balconies, then the birds tend to stay in the area, and start to establish nesting sites on balconies.

Trying to clean this yourself is not a good idea, you may exposed to a toxin in the dropping which can cause fatal diseases such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis which both effect the lungs

(This is not safe to do by yourself have a professional do it for you)

Garage Cleaning Service  

Get your garage cleaned now and save money

Get 10% off when you call and book today

We will clean your garage from top to bottom and organize it.

Wipe off shelves, wipe walls, wipe of items, sweep and mop concrete floor, clean windows, of garages

We do organizing from packing holiday items, keepsakes, to sportswear.  We also put up hooks, take out garbage and unwanted items


Do you need help organizing your garage so you can fit your car back in?

 Toronto Basements Cleaning Services

basement cleaning

Is your basement dusty and full of cobwebs or it just needs to be organized to make space

Get your basement cleaned at an affordable rate

We will remove cobwebs and dust, clean furniture and underneath if needed, clean washer and dryer / water tank and furnace and sweep and wash floors, clean your window clean cobwebs out of rafters or you just need some help to organize everything?

We also do attacks and Garages and Yard Work

 Move In/Out cleaning

10% OFF when you call and book your Move in/out clean

Staging an old home? Moving somewhere new?

Homes or offices can gather years of dust and grime left by previous tenants. Our thorough cleaning can minimize allergy or asthma symptoms, and give you a stress-free welcome to your new home or office.

With Multi Services, you can rest assured that your home or office cleaning will be taken care of with sensitivity and professionalism.

We make it easy for you by meeting all your specific cleaning needs.

We will clean from top to bottom whatever you want done. 

 Home cleaning and maid service

Home cleaning services

Imagine coming home to a completely clean, fresh smelling home after a long day of work. Now imagine that you did not have to lift a finger, dust a surface, or plug in a single vacuum to get it that way.

At City Wide Maid Service, we understand that our clients lead very busy lives, and that's why we set out to make household upkeep easier for them through our residential home cleaning services.

Upon your request, a professionally trained and skilled cleaning professional will come into your home and provide you with an array of services, including:

* Sanitizing the kitchen, Scrubbing the surfaces in the bathroom, Dusting fixtures, Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming

All services are performed using your cleaning supplies as clients like to know what is being used in their home. May we suggest:

*Vacuum and vacuum bags, Mop & pail and broom (if need), Cloths (or rags) and paper towel, Duster cloths (i.e Swiffer Dusters), Liquid VIM, Mr. Clean (or Pine Soil) & Comet, Windex & furniture polish, Toilet brush & scrub brush (if need), Other as you may wish us to use.

The fee to clean your home is based on several factors, including the size of your house, the layout, your preferences and specific needs, as well as the frequency of the cleaning. In addition, we take into consideration the number of people living in the house, pets, different degrees of clutter, and different surface materials. That is why we provide you with a free estimate, to gather the information we need in order to give you the best quote possible.

 We also work with you to reach a price that works for both of us. 

Multi Services is a professional family cleaning Services, locally owned and operated by a member of your community, so you can be assured you will receive quality, dependable and honest service every time. We do not view our customers as numbers, but as the neighbours we serve.


Senior specials

15% OFF For seniors for house and apartment cleaning.

We will do your grocery shopping, 



whatever is needed. 

 Additional Home Service

We Welcome all Business Establishments 

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